PWM Duty Cycle

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Supported Targets: Olimexino, E407, P405

General information about PWM Duty Cycle

A 'PWM Duty Cycle' block allows the duty cycle of the generated PWM signal to changed. Note that this only works properly if a 'PWM Init' block is also present for initializing the related PWM module.





Block inputs (inports)

Input: The value of the duty cycle in 100/1023[%].(512=50%, 1023=100%).(uint16)

Block parameters

Parameter Description
Output pin Select the output pin where the PWM signal should be generated.
Sample time Sample time of the block. The Sample time (in seconds) defines the rate at which the block is visited by the real-time scheduler of the target. The value of the Sample time has to be an integer multiple of the base sample time of the model.

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