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Supported Targets: Olimexino, E407, P405

General information about Analog Input

This blocks reads the analog value of the selected pin. The output of the block is the bit value of the conversion. When using the standard Vref of 3.3V the result of the conversion must be multiplied by 0.8mV to get the actual voltage on the pin. (The E407 has an option to enable filtering)





Block outputs (outports)

The 12-bit value of the voltage on the selected pin. So a value of 4095 means a voltage of 3.3V and a value of 2048 respresents a voltage of 1.65V. (3.3/4095)*output value or 0.806mV per bit. The output is of data type uint16, 16-bit unsigned integer.

Block parameters

Parameter Description
Input pin The input pin to be used for the digital input. Select one from the list. A warning will appear when the pin is already in use in another block.
Sample time Sample time of the block. The Sample time (in seconds) defines the rate at which the block is visited by the real-time scheduler of the target. The value of the Sample time has to be an integer multiple of the base sample time of the model.

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