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Supported Targets: Olimexino, E407, P405

General information about Store Error

When this block is triggerd, an error wil be stored to RAM. If the error is already present in RAM, its occurrence counter will be incremented and the time stamp will be updated. If the error occurs for the first time (and only then) since startup (and therefor is not present in the RAM) it will also be stored in EEPROM.





Block inputs (inports)

Trigger input: The block will be executed when the value of this signal changes from 0 to 1, the error will be stored.
Input 1(optional): Error code (ID) of the error to be stored.(uint16)
Input 2(optional): Error parameter of the error to be stored.(uint8)

Block parameters

Parameter Description
Use inports Instead of using a fixed error code and error parameter (see below), it is possible to use input port to the block to specify the error code and error parameter.
Error code The error code (ID) that needs to be stored when this block is triggered can be specified .
Error parameter The error parameter of the error that needs to be stored when this block is triggered can be specified.


Error Handling

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