UDP Server New Data Available

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Supported Targets: E407

General information about UDP Server New Data Available

This block obtains the value of the so called new data flag. By checking this flag, the application can determine if there is data available in the UDP server receive buffer that has not been read out yet.

This new data flag is set each time the UDP server receives a data packet, right after it wrote the data to its internal receive buffer. The new data flag is reset when the application reads data from the UDP server's internal receive buffer, by means of block 'UDP Server Receive'.





Outputs (outports)

This output becomes 1 when new data is available in the UDP server's receive buffer that hasn't been read yet by the application.

Block parameters

Parameter Description
Sample time The block execution time, the amount of time between consecutive executions of the block. 0.1 means the the block will be executed at 10 Hz.

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