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On this page you will find information about two development processes: Automotive Functional Safety according to ISO26262 and a Continuous Delivery implementation as used by HAN Automotive Research for the development of the HAN tools.


The ISO26262 norm contains guidelines to enable manufacturers of automotive parts or vehicles to create functionally safe systems. The scope of the ISO26262 is the functional safety of Electronic and Electrical systems in road vehicles. This includes passenger cars, motorbikes and trucks. The recommended practice is focused on the challenged which implementing ISO26262 into small and medium-sized companies pose and how to cope with them.

HAN-Automotive Research has gathered a consortium of project partners to gather the experience gained and lessons learned to bundle those in a recommended practice. It contains real-life examples, use cases and ready to use empty templates.

Please note that the recommended practice isn't finished yet as only the concept phase and partly the development phase has been covered.

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Continuous Integration and Delivery

To structurally enhance the quality of the tools delivered by HAN-Automotive Research a testserver has been built. This server consists of a physical computer which runs multiple installations of Windows. Every night it fetches the source code, analyses it, builds it, tests the code on an atomic level and tests the application itself. It does so on various installations of Windows. In the near future we hope to attach various supported microcontrollers to the test server in order to expand our test coverage to the supported hardware as well.

At the heart of our test server is Jenkins. In Jenkins multiple "Jobs" can be configured. Such a job could be to download a copy of the source code from our code repository, build it and execute the automated tests. Jenkins then automatically creates and documents the test reports and sends emails when something's off and needs personal attention.

If you are planning to set up such a system yourself, or you are curious to learn more about our setup, take a look at the page linked below.

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