SIMarchitect library installation manual

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Before installing SIMarchitect library, make sure that SIMarchitect has been installed properly.


Follow the following steps to install SIMarchitect library into SIMULINK library browser.

  • First, download SIMarchitect library here.
  • After the zip file has been downloaded, extract all of its files and put them into the Matlab path in your local directory.
Directory browser.
  • Next, run the (slblocks.m) file in MATLAB to add SIMarchitect library into SIMULINK library browser.
  • Finally, refresh your library browser window by pressing F5 and the SIMarchitect library should appear in the library browser.
SIMarchitect library in SIMULINK library browser

Follow the SIMarchitect library user manual to learn on how to use the library.

For further information on the component module, go to SIMarchitect Library Overview page.