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STM32 Target is a real-time code generation target for MATLAB Simulink®. STM32 Target makes use of low cost STM32 based development boards with a large number of inputs and outputs and adequate processing power. The STM32 micro controllers are 32-bit and the processor is based on ARM® Cortex®-M technology. All controllers are fitted with a USB connector which can be used for programming and for connecting to HANtune.

Get started

Get started with STM32 Target by following the Installation Manual.

Supported hardware

The currently supported STM32 development boards are:

OLIMEXINO-STM32.png STM32-E407.png STM32P405.png
Olimexino STM32 E407 P405
More information on the Olimexino-STM32:

Quick overview
Olimexino-STM32 website
Olimexino-STM32 schematic Rev.D

More information on the Olimex STM32-E407:

Quick overview
E407 website
E407 schematic

More information on the Olimex-P405:

Quick overview
P405 website
P405 schematic

Supported functionality

Look at the Block Overview page to check out the blocks and see how to use them. For each supported function of the microcontroller there is a Simulink block.


Check the Examples Section to get an idea on how to use the HANcoder blocks. Almost all examples are real projects made available by the creators.

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