SIMarchitect library user manual

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After the SIMarchitect library has been installed, follow this user manual to use the library.

Insert modules to (SIMarchitect) simulation tool

First, insert the necessary modules into (SIMarchitect) workspace by dragging the module from SIMarchitect library to (SIMarchitect) workspace. For this example, the ICE_module will be used (SIMarchitect_library/Component library/Automotive/HDH-HiLS/Powertrain/Energy Converters).

Parameter file

Each individual module has its own unique parameter file and its parameter file has been set automatically for each module. So users just have to choose the correct directory on where does the parameter file is located. To do this, click the parameter settings button located at the top level layout of (SIMarchitect). Change the directory (if necessary) to the directory where the saved parameterfiles, which are part of the library, have been placed.

After the correct directory has been set, users can edit the parameter for each individual module by clicking edit on the parameter setting prompt.

Parameter setting prompt.

To make sure that the module is using the correct parameter file double click on the module itself and see if the written parameter file name on the opened prompt (see figure below) corresponds to the module.

Checking parameter file on module.

Connect the input for each module

Since SIMarchitect uses bus selector system, users have to select which input has to go into each module. The selection of input for every module has to be inserted according to the order displayed in the bus selector prompt otherwise the simulation result will be inaccurate.

To select the input for each module, click the small black box on the top left corner of each module.

Run the simulation

Before running the simulation, the main parameter file called 'parameter_main.m' has to be run at first, which is part of the library. This parameter file ensures that all of the global variables such as drive cycle and surrounding environment constant are defined beforehand.