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Supported Targets: Olimexino, E407, P405

General information about Build Settings

With this block you can set two options: Option to automatically add parameters and signals Option to automatically flash after the build procedure is completed.

Auto add

The option to automatically add parameters and signals runs a script which searches for constants and signals with names which have not been defined in the workspace. When it finds a constantblock it will check if the value is defined in the workspace and if not it will add this value as a Simulink.Parameter. It will also set its storage class to 'ExportedGlobal', this will ensure it will end up in the ASAP2(.A2L) file. All parameters in the ASAP2 file will be editable in HANtune. Because each constant will need a value before the model can be build, you will be prompted for a value. (press cancel to abort the build) All signals in the model that have a valid MATLAB® name will automatically be added to the workspace as Simulink.Signal with its storage class set to 'ExportedGlobal'. These signals will become visible in HANtune.

Auto flash

The option to automatically start flashing after the build procedure calls MicroBoot with the interface that was selected in the block. It will flash the .srec that was just built from the model. Note: MicroBoot.exe must be located in ..\Host\MicroBoot\ relative to the blockset path (the path where the model is located)





Block parameters

Parameter Description
Auto add When this function is turned on all parameters and signals in the model will added to the ASAP2 file automatically. This ASAP2 file is used for communication with HANtune.
Auto flash Flashing will automatically start after the build is complete using the communication protocol selected.