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SIMarchitect is an open-source model-based design framework inside MATLAB Simulink®.

Installation Guide

Follow the SIMarchitect Installation Guide to install SIMarchitect.

First steps

To start using SIMarchitect and to get to know the interface, follow the SIMarchitect Tutorial. During the use of SIMarchitect, it is advised to follow the Naming Convention listed in Terminology.

Autodocking 3D Animation Tutorial

A tutorial to installing the 3D animation software and understanding the simulation and animation of an autonomous docking of an articulated vehicle. Autodocking Tutorial

SIMarchitect library installation manual

The first step to use the library is to install SIMarchitect library in the library browser. Learn more

SIMarchitect library user guide

Follow this guide to use the library.

SIMarchitect example project

Practice using SIMarchitect by creating:

SIMarchitect Library Component

Look at the SIMarchitect Library Overview page to check for more information on the component module.

Problems and Solutions (FAQ)

Frequent problems that may occur while using SIMarchitect and possible solutions are listed on Problems and Solutions (FAQ).