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The HANcoder functionality is best expressed by the blocks that can be used in Simulink. Below a screenshot from the Simulink library browser can be found. Next to the normal toolboxes provided by Mathworks as part of Simulink you can see the 'HANcoder STM32 Target' library. Within this library there are three different categories, one for each supported hardware board: Olimexino, E407 and P405


Treeview in sidebar

On the left of this screen tree view with all HANcoder blocks has appeared with a structure as in the library. Just select the block and click on it in the treeview to get more information about it and how to use it. Where possible the blocks have links to examples where an implementation of the block in the Simulink model is illustrated. (As an example the Library for the E407 has been used, the Olimexino and P405 have very similar libraries)

Direct links

Below you can find the direct links to all block pages