UDP Server Receive

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Supported Targets: E407

General information about UDP Server Receive

With this block you can access the data of the data packet that was most recently received by the UDP server.





Outputs (outports)

The last received data will be available on these outports.

Block parameters

Parameter Description
Output ports Select the number of output ports
Output data type Select the output data type
Byte order Set the appropriate byte ordering for your CAN message: Checkbox checked = Most Significant Bit (MSB) is send first (Motorola format). Checkbox unchecked = Least Significant Bit (LSB) is send first (Intel format).
Start index The UDP server's receive buffer can be seen as an array of bytes. This parameter enables you to select the index of the byte where the read operation will start at.
Sample time The block execution time, the amount of time between consecutive executions of the block. 0.1 means the the block will be executed at 10 Hz.

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