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The HAN Toolset

HAN Automotive Research has been developing some tools to enable rapid control prototyping. By using these tools an intuitive, graphical way of programming is made possible by using the HANcoder blockset in the MATLAB Simulink® environment. After your control system has been programmed using HANcoder, a real-time connection can be made using HANtune, a tuning and calibration tool running in Windows.

To facilitate the usage of HANtune without generating code with HANcoder, another tool has been made: A2Lprep. By using special comments in the source-code this tool can build a new file (the .a2l file) which enables HANtune to establish a connection with your control system.



HANcoder is a real-time code generation target for MATLAB Simulink®. HANcoder makes use of both automotive grade series production controllers as well as some low cost development boards. Currently two controllers from Rexroth are supported and three boards from Olimex.

For more information about HANcoder, please click on the image to the right, or download your copy here.



HANtune is a real-time software application for Windows, written in Java. It can be used as a generic CAN-dashboard, as well as a tuning and calibration tool using the XCP protocol. HANtune is capable of:

  • Automated recognition of parameters from generated code using the ASAP2 file, and present these in a list for usage. These can be constants (parameters) or variables (signals).
  • Automated recognition of CAN messages and signals from a dbc file, and present these in a list for usage. These can be used for both visualizing and sending CAN-messages.
  • Visualizing parameters and CAN-messages by using “viewers” and adjusting parameters and sending CAN-Messages by using “editors”.
  • Logging the received data to a log file. (.csv file)
  • Displaying active errors (occurred at runtime) and stored errors (all errors) with an option to delete or log them.

For more information about HANtune, please click on the image to the right, or download your copy here.


SIMarchitect overview.PNG

SIMarchitect is an open source framework for modeling and simulation and forms a shell on MATLAB/Simulink(R). SIMarchitect makes the simulation work of system developers and students much easier because of the used data bus. This forces a standard interface through which engineers could work uniformly. System models and algorithms thus become reusable and can easily be placed in a library.


A2lPrep BasicOperation.png

A2lPrep is a commandline tool for preparing ASAP2 .a2l files from a C++ language target project. The .a2l file created by A2lPrep can then be loaded into HANtune for calibration. ASAP2 is a data definition standard to use for data measurement, calibration, and diagnostic systems. HANtune uses ASAP2 files for displaying parameters and signals.

For more information about A2lPrep, please go to this page. An initial version of A2lPrep is now available for download.